BOCHEM's history began in 1991, when it was founded as a civil partnership. Then we launched the production of modest assortment of footwear adhesives based on natural rubber and chloroprene and polyurethane resins. Soon, the production program has been extended, among others, to upholstery, construction and automotive adhesives. In 1995. we started Laminates Division, which deals with service of gluing fabrics, foam, materials for the footwear, upholstery and the others. In 2005 we run production of modified starch, which is used, among others for the production of plasterboard and papermaking. Since 2013. we produce extrudates based on flour in the newly opened Extrusion Division – they are products used as additives to food production or as adhesives for different types of briquettes.

In 1999, a partnership was transformed into limited liability company.

Today, we are one of the leading manufacturers of industrial adhesives in Poland. We offer over 200 products, manufactured in two plants. We produce adhesives and products for the footwear, upholstery and furniture adhesives, adhesives and products for floors, adhesives for the rubber and automotive industry, release agents, labelling adhesives, modified starches and a wide range of special adhesives.

We have a good brand, our products enjoy the trust of customers. Our greatest concern is to ensure high and stable quality of products, over which supervise the entire production team and our R&D Laboratory. Since 2001. we have implemented Quality Management System ISO 9001 which is regularly certified.

We constantly work on our offer and we meet growing requirements of our customers. For example, our team of technologists developed water-borne adhesives, footwear and upholstery, which are increasingly replace traditional solvent-based adhesives. They are products with very competitive quality, and we're still working on new ones.

Our business is appreciated, we received numerous awards and distinctions, regularly pick up the certificate "Business Gazelle". We continuously participate in the Reliable Company program and provide a range of information to demonstrate our credibility from 2011.

In October of 2014. Bochem was acquired by the world leader in the production of polyurethane foams and a leading supplier of sealants, adhesives and roof chemicals - the company SOUDAL.